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IA pri CorotechCleanSolventSpclty USCA 197x193

Corotech® Cleaning, Solvents and Specialty Products

Along with cleaning and solvent products, Corotech offers block fillers for masonry and anti-slip aggregate for floor coatings.

IA pri CorotechAlkydPrimers 197x193

Corotech® Alkyd Primers

From economical protective coatings to heavy-duty steel primers for industrial environments, choose the right alkyd primer for your project.

IA pri CorotechSpecialtyFloor 197x193

Corotech® Specialty and Flooring Primers

A collection of specialty primers, including flooring primers for masonry and a zinc-based primer for steel.

IA pri CorotechWaterbornePrimers 197x193

Corotech® Waterborne Primers

Tough use-specific primers with lower odour, good bonding, and easy water-based clean-up.

IA pri HP28 ca 197x193

Ultra Spec® HP D.T.M. Acrylic Enamels

Ultra Spec® HP D.T.M. Acrylic Enamels provide excellent rust inhibition for superior corrosion control and protection for metal substrates.

IA pri 0P06 ca 197x193

Super Spec® HP Primers

Benjamin Moore offers a broad range of Super Spec HP primers to ensure the best possible results for whatever finish coat you choose.

IA pri CorotechAlkydEnamels USCA 197x193

Corotech® Alkyd Enamels

Our durable alkyd enamels are designed for the needs of professionals, from quick dry spray-optimized paints to multipurpose brush and roll systems.

IA pri CorotechHiPerfEpoxy USCA 197x193

Corotech® High-Performance Epoxies

Rugged two-component epoxies for masonry and steel. Apply in commercial, industrial and select residential spaces.

IA pri CorotechHiPerfUrethanes USCA 197x193

Corotech® High-Performance Urethanes

Long lasting colour, durability and gloss even in the harshest environments.

IA pri CorotechSpecialtyEnamels USCA 197x193

Corotech® Specialty Enamels

A collection of specialty products, including enamels for electrostatic spraying and high-heat resistance.

IA pri CorotechWaterborneEnamels USCA 197x193

Corotech® Waterborne Enamels

Multipurpose paints that blend rugged protection, lower VOC and easy application.

IA pri 0P22 ca 197x193

Super Spec® HP Urethanes

Urethane coatings are available in two types, both of which contain isocyanates and are crosslinked with moisture.

IA pri 0P22 ca 197x193

Super Spec® HP DTMs

Designed to perform as direct to metal and primer finish. Both coats of the product provide rust inhibition for superior rust control.


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